Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®

Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®

Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®


Check out this great video testimonial by Alfred from Sweden

Check out this great video:

testimonial of PSYCH-K® modality by Ana from CA, USA.

Testimonial of PSYCH-K® Workshop by Damiano, CA, USA

Check out this great video:

testimonial of PSYCH-K® workshop

PSYCH-K in Los Angeles

I would highly recommend Ada for anyone wanting to change their limiting beliefs and improve their life!

“I heard some good things about PSYCH-K® so I found Ada online and made an appointment. At first I felt doubtful about the muscle testing, but after two sessions, I can already feel a difference in the way I’m responding to situations that used to cause me stress and anxiety.

Ada made me feel very comfortable right away. It was like sitting with a good friend who is there just for YOU.

I would highly recommend Ada for anyone wanting to change their limiting beliefs and improve their life!"

Colleen P.

I believe PSYCH-K® is a powerful process

"I loved how Ada facilitated our sessions.  It was as if she was being guided by a higher power and easily applied her intuition to each one of our sessions.  I believe Psych-K is a powerful process that gets to limiting beliefs from childhood within a very short period of time and facilitated a lot of healing within me so I could achieve a state of peacefulness within minutes.  I've already recommended Ada to my friends and will continue recommending her.  Thank you so much Ada!"

Danisa P. CA

PSYCH-K testimonials

Ada is Amazing

"I FINALLY QUIT SMOKING!!! I have been smoking for over 20 years and have tried many times to quit smoking in recent years. I tried chantixs, gum, and even recently hypnosis.  I did  quit for a small periods of time but always with the sense of fighting the urge to smoke which always lead me back to smoking.

Not this time tho!!..I can even be in a room filled with smokers and I literally have no urge to smoke. She didn't force anything to quit smoking, she just changed my perception to my relationship to cigarettes, it all in the science of what she does. Believe me the transformation is immediate and you will feel great doing it.

I am now am seeing her for other areas in my life and I have never felt better. Do yourself a favor and go see Ada!!!"

 James W.  Long Beach, CA

After a few weeks I'm now free of any medication

"I did a few sessions with Ada over the course of a few weeks. For the last 10 years I've had Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety, and at this time I maximized my antidepressants without any noticeable relief. I had anxiety in my stomach, and feeling of pressure over my chest and in my throat. After a few weeks I'm now free of any medication and I am almost without any anxiety, but I am sure that with some more sessions we can get that down to a zero. Working with Ada is super fun, and it is incredibly comforting to talk with Ada who seems to know you better than you know yourself."

Alfred O. Sweden

I would not recommend anybody else

"I worked with Adelajda for three years. Without her I would never, ever start any serious excercise and get into shape. She is a real briliant coach - very understanding, helpfull but at the same time resonably demanding. Ath the same time she creates perfect atmosphere for exercises - full of energy and sense of humor."

Aleksander C. Poland

We highly recommended Adelajda as a health coach

"Adelajda was our health coach when we were traveling to Antarctica. Always guiding us to maintain more healthy and active lifestyle, trough the exercise and balanced eating habits - which made a big difference in out lives."

Deeb and Maria George, Florida

Results were immediate and lasting

"Ada started working with me after I had several surgeries and hospitalizations and was physically and mentally exhausted.  Her gentle and supportive approach started with assessing what I was capable of doing and what I ultimately wanted to achieve.  Ada encouraged me make positive life changes in areas that I hadn't even thought needed change.  Ada was able to help me resolve habits with one session.  She is compassionate, knowledgeable and effective.  I came to her wanting change and that is what she gave me.  I will continue to use her services and highly recommend her."

Deborah M. Beverly Hills

Just two sessions with Ada and I quit smoking

"Two sessions with Ada and I quit smoking after 18 years. I couldn't keep myself from caving in over and over. Ada helped me to get my conscious and subconscious communicating properly and now they both say I'm a non smoker! I don't think about it. I see it or smell it and it means nothing to me. Smoking used to mean a lot! It ruled my thoughts from the moment I woke in the morning. Now if I think about it it's "oh yeah, I used to do that". I can't make a strong enough recommendation that this works and you should call Ada NOW. I have no doubt she can help you with any issue you have holding you back from being happy and balanced."

Joanna S.  Long Beach, CA


If you are looking for freedom she can help you!

"Ada helped me overcome biting my fingernails which is something I have struggled with my whole life. She also helped me to change the respect level I demanded in my own life. I now have healthier relationships, I now respect and love myself and I am able to process things which were delayed due to my PTSD. Her work can help you in one session. It is up to you if you really want to give up whatever your old habit, addiction or behavior is. She has changed my life and many other lives. If you are looking for freedom she can help you!"

Eddie W. Long Beach

Thank you Ada, your work truly has changed my life

"I originally came to Ada looking for a physical trainer.  It had been years since I regularly worked out and found myself in a slump.  I was constantly complaining about the lack of energy and motivation--something that had come easily to me just years prior. I knew there had to be a change in my life and after going to multiple doctors, exercise seemed to be the missing link.  Little did I know at the time, Ada would be so much more than just a physical trainer and irreplaceable in my life.  She is genuinely a caring person who wanted to help me feel better in all aspects of my life.  In the first few months working with her, I could see how knowledgeable she was, and the improvements she was helping me make in my life span much further than just physical health.  She was helping me both internally and externally.  Helping me with my diet and stamina but also my mental health, insecurities, and self esteem.  She is definitely an all around wellness guru who can help get anyone on the right track whether it be with exercise or with schedules or personal issues.  As of late, I have been working with Ada to incorporate psych-k into our weekly work out sessions. It has definitely been another cherry on top of her already well-rounded lifestyle change she has me on.  I have to admit, when I first heard of psych-k, I was skeptical, I have gone to years of therapy and there were issues that were still plaguing my mind.  Psych-k seemed like a quick fix and almost too good to be true, but I thoroughly trust Ada, and I was open to trying her new suggestions.  And let me say, I am so grateful I tried it.  Not only am I noticing change in myself, others around me have noticed the difference.  I am walking a little straighter, I have the ability to stand up for myself more, and I am no longer caught in a constant state of anxiety.  This is the anxiety I have had since 4th grade, and Ada has truly been a shining light to help me through it. I am so grateful to have her in my life.  Her patience, humor, and vast knowledge is astonishing.  I am becoming a better person with her help."

Van T.  Long Beach