Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®

Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®

Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®Create the life you desire. Change limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®


Learn how to re-write your subconscious beliefs and clear life-blocks in any area of your life!


Get a new start by attending PSYCH-K® Basic workshop.


Using the PSYCH-K® method you’ll learn how to create a successful life and unlock your full potential quickly and easily!


Why Everyone Should Join A PSYCH-K® Workshop

Testimony about PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

What areas of my life can I improve?

Gain personal power with PSYCH-K

You can improve every area of your life.             For example:

- Prosperity and Success - Replace old attitudes about money and increase your aptitude for affluence

- Self-Confidence - Discover a new willingness to take positive & decisive action in your life

- Self-Esteem - Design a new belief system that helps you to deeply appreciate and accept yourself  

- Health - Learn how to reduce “emotional stress” and program your body/mind for optimal health & vitality  

- Relationships - Create new beliefs to achieve healthy, loving relationships 


- Grief & Loss - Learn how to resolve painful memories and find peace & happiness  

- Spirituality - Resolve subconscious resistance in your connection with the Divine.   

For whom is the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop created?

PSYCH-K helps with relationships

The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop California is created for anyone and everyone who is ready to change and improve their life.

 It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 96, a student or retired, a doctor or construction worker. 

How long is the workshop?

Manage your time with PSYCH-K

The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop California is 3 full days, Friday through Sunday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM 

Who will teach the Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop?

PSYCH-K practitioner Karen McKy

One of the best and the most experienced PSYCH-K® instructors -- Karen McKy

Karen is a former member of the International Hypnotherapy Federation and the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists. Karen assisted clients using clinical hypnotherapy with a wide variety of concerns from fears and phobias, childbirth, relationship concerns, grief/loss, pain and weight management, addictions, depression, divorce, abuse and life enhancement and business coaching.

Karen is an International Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and also enjoys assisting clients during private sessions as a Professional Facilitator of PSYCH-K®. Karen studied Basic PSYCH-K® with its founder Rob Williams and Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in July 2009. In 2015 Karen was appointed to assist the PSYCH-K® instructor community as a Certifying Agent for the PSYCH-K® Pro Workshop, a position by which she educates and certifies instructors how to teach the Pro Workshop.

How Much Is Tuition For The PSYCH-K® Workshop And What’s Included?


Tuition is $850

Besides the training you’ll also receive:

- A step-by-step Instructional & Key Information Manual

- A Certificate of Completion for 24 Hours of Instruction

- Use of the PSYCH-K Falcon logo 

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What will I learn during the workshop?

After attending this experiential workshop, you’ll be able to facilitate the PSYCH-K® with yourself as well as with family, friends, colleagues and clients in one-on-one sessions. 

The Basic PSYCH-K Workshop California is a mix of lecture, demonstration, practice and group discussion. 

Topics include: 

  • The basic science behind the PSYCH-K® process.

  • How to apply PSYCH-K® in your life to create, success, abundance and happiness!

  • The key characteristics of the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mind – the differences between them and how to work with them.

  • How to identify and transform your limiting beliefs, destructive thoughts and behaviors – what is blocking you and/or keeping you stuck in a negative spiral!

  • How to make changes for yourself using PSYCH-K’s® effective step-by-step process.

  • The technique of Muscle Testing (MT) to clearly communicate and work with the subconscious mind. MT is a powerful, well-known tool used in kinesiology and other practices world-wide. Here you will learn this tool to identify your life-blocks and limiting beliefs.

  • How to create new powerful, personalized belief statements to overcome your life challenges.

  • How to release and transform trauma and stresses of the past, present and even the future! 

                  You’ll be changing your own limiting beliefs by Saturday afternoon!



One of the first new skills you will learn is how to properly facilitate applied kinesiology or “Muscle Testing.” Muscle Testing allows us to understand the changes in electrical signals being sent through our body to create a very simple “language” that decodes what our own energy is subconsciously telling us. When taught properly and patiently applied kinesiology is easy to learn and do well.

If you already know Muscle Testing you are likely to learn some amazing new and key differences to enhance your use of this valuable skill.

In the afternoon we will learn two important PSYCH-K® Balances. Balances are processes which allow us to make changes within the subconscious mind. Learning these tools will open up a whole new world. Life will definitely change for the better!



The second day is all about making the life changes you want and learning how to put them into a language that is powerful and meaningful to you. We will add to the tools we learned the first day while personalizing your life goals.

You will learn how to properly write your own Goal Statements. 

We will learn another process called “VAK To The Future.” This process allows us to take abstract concepts and desires and make them literal so our subconscious mind can understand and act upon them. 

We will also learn how to do Self Muscle Testing, a technique similar to applied kinesiology that provides insight into our own subconscious mind. With Self Muscle Testing we can help change ourselves even when we are alone.



On the third day you will deepen your understanding of PSYCH-K and gain proficiency and confidence in applying the processes you have learned.

The day begins with an adaptation to the New Direction Balance we learned on Day 1. This adaptation allows us to process a situation and come to a state of peace and non-attachment regarding any stressful situation. This process is one of the most amazing experiences and useful of all PSYCH-K® techniques. In only a few minutes we can go from a highly-stressed situation to a peaceful state of mind--even if the event took place many years ago! 

We will have a short discussion about Action Steps and how they can assist us with our Goals. Action Steps help the Conscious Mind recognize change is taking place. 

A good part of Day Three is spent practicing the full loop of processes we learned on Days One and Two, creating confidence in applying the processes post-workshop. 

We will discuss other helpful items such as how to take short, helpful notes and how to use PSYCH-K® in your daily life.

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